Christmas Miracles

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Christmas Miracles

James Landry needs Tess' love and a Christmas Miracle to help him out of a troublesome situation.

With a winter storm threatening to blanket the land in snow, James Landry boards a train to Denver two days before his Christmas Eve wedding to Tess Weston, despite her misgivings that the storm will hinder his return trip home. But James has to go to the big city to replace the worthless ring he mistakenly bought for her with a band of real gold, and assures her nothing, not even snow, will keep him from arriving at the altar on time. But James doesn't count on finding himself stuck in knee-deep drifts, with a Colt .45 staring him in the face.

Tess has had an eerie feeling that something bad is going to happen to James since the moment he told her of his trip. With fat, flakes of snow falling steadily from the sky, images flicker in her mind of him stranded in a hotel room, or on a cold train car. But for some reason, the snow piling up outside her window doesn't lend weight to her fear that James is in grave danger. Determined to help him, Tess sets out on a course to find him, only to have one obstacle after another deter her from reaching him.




A creative Christmas miracle. A Christmas train robbing, baby, marriage, wedding ring and a miracle happens to these characters to make a wonderful tale. I love this story and the others in this series. I'm so glad I discovered Julie 's books they are very entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommended. 5 Stars Sandra Sam

A Sweet novella of James and Tess's upcoming wedding on Christmas Eve. If you have been following the Weston family you know there's going to be trouble before a happy ending but it's all worth it in the end. Can be read as a stand alone novella.   5 Stars  Judy E.

I love Historical Western Romance and when I saw the author's profile on Facebook I was intrigued. I bought Christmas Miracles to give her books a try. I'm glad I did- It is a completely enjoyable read. The characters are well developed and easy to relate to. It has that special romance magic of obstacles being thrown in the path of true love. I was able to lose myself in this story, cheering for a happy ending. 5 Stars A Real Person (Amazon reader)


James Landry brought the wagon to a halt alongside the train depot. He set the brake and hopped down from the hard seat then grasped his fiancée, Tess Weston, around the waist and lowered her to stand on the hard-packed ground beside him. Behind him, a horse snorted. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Russ and Bear dismount and go inside the depot. The aging cowhands from Wooded Acres, the Westons' sprawling ranch north of town, would take Tess home once he boarded the train.

"I still don't understand why you have to be the one to go to Denver," Tess complained while smoothing her skirts. "Pa has twenty men working for him. Let him send someone else."

"No one else but me can go." He looked toward the jagged mountains in the distance. "Those storm clouds have been gathering since last night. Your pa sent the others out to herd the cattle closer to home. There was no need to move them until now. Weather has been mild for months."

"I don't care about the cows." Tess grasped his forearms. "Our wedding is in two days. What happens if it does snow and you get stranded in Denver?" 

"I'm not gonna get stranded in Denver," he assured, cupping her cheek and caressing her soft skin. "I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. We'll chop down that pine tree I promised you and have it up in our house to decorate Christmas morning. Okay?"

Tess wrinkled her nose, a trait he recognized as annoyance. Not with him for showing affection in public. She liked that. She didn't like being left behind. Or having her objections overruled, especially this one. Truth be told, he didn't favor leaving her behind. Or not being able to give her something she wanted. But he didn't have a choice. He had to go. And she had to stay here.