Debra's Bandit

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Debra's Bandit

With his past about to catch up to him, Gage longs for the comfort only Debra can bring to his tortured soul.

Forced to flee his home in Chicago, Gage Cantrell shed his greenhorn ways and joined an outlaw band. He’s spent the last six years dodging bullets and a Pinkerton determined to bring him to justice. Now that Gage has settled for a spell in Revolving Point, Texas, hoping to win the heart of the woman he loves, his past is about to catch up to him. Trouble is, Debra doesn’t know about Chicago. If she’ll forgive his cowardice on that fateful night, he’ll finally know peace. That is if he can thwart the Pinkerton and send him packing—for good.  

Raised in the St. Louis orphanage, Debra Moore has known more hard times than good.  Riding with her brother and Gage as they raided the west brought about a longing for a real home, and for Gage to return her love. She’s found a comfortable haven in Revolving Point and wants Gage to cease to his bandit ways and put down roots with her. But Gage has never been the settling type, and lately he’s been more secretive than usual. Something’s bothering him. She’s going to find out what that something is and convince him there’s more to life than the tomfoolery of outrunning a posse.



I love a good historical romance and this one did not let me down.  To this reader it has a little suspense involved with Gage trying to avoid his past.  He is one of those bad guys trying to be a good guy.  No I will not tell you much more than that.  It was a great read.  I look forward to reading more by this author.

Thanks for a fun read Julie.

The bunnies and I give this book Bunny4carrots.
 The Bunny's Review

I really enjoyed this 4 Book worthy novel. Gage and Debra are witty and complex and pull the reader in instantly. I am saddened, though, that this awesomely written story is book three in the series. That didn’t stop me, though! I truly enjoyed the blend of history and romance. I definitely recommend this to those who love romance, charming characters and engaging plot lines. I am looking forward to reading the first two series installments, for sure!

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By: Reviews By Molly

I loved the characters of Gage and Debra. I found myself rooting for them and clinging to the hope that true love will conquer all. Julie Lence's ability to build tension kept me turning the pages. 5 Stars by Tori



"You make it a habit of assessing other men?" Gage demanded.

"What? No! He—Ow!" Tears welled in Debra's eyes and she dropped something into the water.

"What is it?" He crowded close to her.

"I cut my hand on a knife," she cried.

"Let me see." He gently gripped her wrist and drew her hand toward him, seeing blood and soap suds trickle down her right palm. "It's a flesh wound."

Wordlessly, he grabbed a towel from the drawer beside him and wrapped the cloth around her hand. He reached into the cabinet above him and took out a bottle of whiskey, removed the towel and poured a good amount of the rye over the cut. Rifling through the cabinet, he found a piece of linen and wrapped it around her palm, tying the ends off in a knot. “Keep the bandage on so the wound doesn’t fester.”

Debra looked up at him. Tears swam in her copper eyes. Two fat drops spilled from the corner of her eye. He watched them trickle down her skin to her delicate jaw before returning his gaze to her watery eyes. Past the rest of the tears she tried to hold at bay he saw something else. A longing not to be ignored, to be loved by him as a man loves a woman.

Something inside him shifted, the roots that had been planted long ago digging in deeper. He leaned toward her, telling himself he was only going to ease her discomfort…