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Landry Barlow has little interest in putting down roots until Nadine Harper barges into his saloon with an innocence he can’t resist.

Landry Barlow’s gambling and outlawing has garnered him the reputation of a menace, and a handful of enemies. But in sleepy Jackson Creek, his foremost concern isn’t someone gunning for him. His brother wants him to trade his saloon for a homestead, partner with him outfitting the army with horses. Raised in a bordello by a mother who valued her parlor more than him and deceived by another, Landry isn’t sure he’s meant to put down roots. But then, Nadine puts her faith in him and something inside awakens.

Camped for the night along the trail to western Texas, Nadine Harper’s father loses his footing in a gopher hole and breaks his leg. Nadine gets him to the nearest town, but the only business with a light glowing is the saloon. Swallowing her qualms, she barges inside the watering hole and freezes at the glint in the eyes of the heavily-muscled man barreling down on her. But when he loses his steeliness to take charge of her father, she’s swept up in the tingles peppering her skin. Dangerous and handsome, Landry is a man worth knowing.



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