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Luck of the Draw--Out Now

Royce Weston has little use for the opposite sex,
until Paige Morgan deals him a hand he can’t refuse.

Royce Weston knows firsthand women are exceptional liars, especially the one who cheated him at the poker table and then wormed her way into his family’s good graces by claiming amnesia. Since Paige didn’t heed his advice to leave town, he reasons a bit of “friendly” persuasion is needed to send her packing from Wooded Acres. But when she matches him trick for trick and has his ranch hands jumping to please her, Royce knows he’s met his match. A simpering miss she is not. Sassy and daring; if only she’d give him a reason to trust her.

Paige knows Royce wants her gone, but she's convinced he knows something about her past. Until he tells her, she isn't going anywhere. Matching wits with him isn't all that hard, especially when she discovers there's more to him than bark and brawn. If she tames this rough and tough cowboy, she'll enjoy a reward better than any poker ante. And any girl will tell you, it’s not how she play the cards, it’s the Luck of the Draw that counts.



This is the second book I have read from this author and it was one I couldn’t put down. Ms. Lence creates complex characters that are so real that you can relate well to them even if the era is so different than today. Historical western romance has so much that a story can be written about.

There is deceit, mayhem, adventure, life deciding decisions and so much more in this story. You feel like you are going along for a ride of your life reading this story and I love the hero and heroine but both have such heartache in their lives and both hardened especially the hero that they have a hard time trusting and seeing the other for who they really are. Ms. Lence is a very capable author who weaves a story beyond anything you can even imagine and in an era that these things very well could have happened. There is sexual content and some harsh language and I know that is probably the way tough cowboys talked back then. I do prefer clean stories but without regard to these two things this story is really good.
5 Stars by Dorothy A. Roller

Wild cowboys, saloon girls and the smoky atmosphere of a card game come to life on the pages with Julie Lence’s descriptive powers. With plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages, LUCK OF THE DRAW is an easy to recommend book and a treasure for the historical romance reader. ... Chrissy, Reviewer for Romance Junkies

"With great characters and an intriguing plot, Luck of the Draw is a wonderful and fast-paced story that grabs the reader's attention and does not let go."... Jennifer, Reviewer for LWR Book Reviews, July 2007

Luck of the Draw is action packed testosterone everywhere! There are cowboys and bad guys galore. Larger than life characters leap off the page. There is never a dull moment in this book, as well as some twists and turns and entertaining spots of humor. Ms. Lence has written a story that grabs your attention from the first paragraph to the last word... Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, September 2007

Luck of the Draw by Julie Lence is a passionate romance with a rich and exciting plot that transports the reader back in time. Wonderfully colorful and compelling characters captivate with their emotionally stirring story. Truly entertaining, this is a story that I find myself wanting to read again and can easily recommend to others... Anita Hartsell, Reviewer for Romance Reader At Heart, Fall 2007

5 Stars by Judy E:  A very entertaining book, first I've read by this author. After the first chapter, I had to keep reading to see what would happen to these characters. Well thought out characters and I really liked Paige, our heroine. Royce, our hero, took a little longer to understand and like, but after learning about all his past hurts and disappointments, this rugged cowboy started to grow on me. All in all a good read and I will be following the Weston family to see what happens to the other characters that I have come to love. Mild sexual parts for those that want to know.


"I'm ready to finish this water fight you started."

"Me?" he exaggerated, turning to face her. "You're the one..." If the sight of her bare calf had caused his pulse to pound, the sight of her now was sure to kill him.

She stood across from him, knee-deep in the water, with a determined smile playing on her lips to match the gleam in her eyes. Her arms were bare to the neck except for the narrow straps of her soaked chemise, which clung to her body and did little to conceal her breasts from his heated gaze.

She leaned forward to play her fingers on the water, and Royce bit his tongue as he watched a droplet of water trail down her skin to the valley between her breasts. With the sun glistening off her wet skin, his body hardened, throbbed and ached with a need even Sandra hadn't provoked in him.

"Paige." Her name was a ragged moan. "Come here."

"Not on your life, big guy," she teased. "You have your space and I have mine. This is the boundary." She drew an imaginary line between them with her finger. "Whoever crosses it first loses."

"The hell with the line." Royce dove beneath the water. He came up in front of her and lifted her out of the water.